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On Course With The SGX
By kickntrue on 3/12/10
I'm not going to lie- there are some perks working at SkyGolf, like the fact that I played golf using the SGX yesterday! We're in final stages of testing the application on the unit and they needed a fresh set of eyes- so I quickly volunteered. Outside of the product development team and some beta testers sworn to confidentiality, I'm one of the first people outside this tightly controlled group to see the device and play golf with it. Okay... I realize that last sentence was unnecessary, I just wanted to brag!

Also, I am in love. The SGX not only provides the core information and reliability of its predecessors,.the new interactive HoleVue worked great and allowed me to custom pick my distances as I played. The new IntelliGreen Pro with major green contours looked great on the devices high-res display. I was really liked keeping my score and stats as I played and seeing them in my ClubSG account. Now, I am back in the same boat with you guys. I had to turn my new favorite toy back in to wait on the first production units to arrive. It's coming guys! The final touches are being made and the production lines are gearing up.

I just wanted to pass some of my excitement on to you guys! I know you guys have waited a long time for this- and you won't be disappointed in what our team has put together. SkyCaddie is the #1 Range Finder in Golf for a reason!

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BrdeBob says:
Yeah great idea, HoleVue. BUT, very few course have holeVue available and it will be years before it is for mine, so until then why get this unit compared to some that have a hole View already available?

parman929 says:
I would hope that the production lines are already moving as TGW and a few other outfitters are talking about shipping on the 15th of March.
BubblyPop says:
I do love my SG5, however, I hope the HoleVue graphics are improved upon in the SGX, as it doesn't do me much good currently.
samarai28 says:
I haven't had a chance to use holevue on my SG5 since the software was added late last year. I am looking forward to using it in a few weeks when the weather stabilizes. As far as the SGX goes, I am really interested in upgrading but I want to make sure that I don't get screwed. I am anxiously waiting to see what the trade in program looks like. I hope that it is fair...especially for those of us who purchased an SG5 less than a year ago.
BGorman says:
I have used the SG4 for 2 years and now the SG5. I used the Garmin product for about 2 weeks before returning it. Unless it is the very first time playing a course, hole few is more trouble than it is worth. I now turn off all of the views so I only get yardage to landmarks and to the green. The more views the more paging through screens and personally I like to keep fiddling with the darn thing to minimum. IMHO this is what keeps SkyCaddie ahead of the pack.
marktrail says:
I have had and used a sg2 since they first came out.
I would keep looking every year at the new models and until now, could not see a need to change. I have been very happy with the unit I had been using all these years but, I could not hold back any longer.
Just pre ordered the new SGX.
Looking forward to my new toy, now if they would just get their act together on the talked about trade in rebate, I would be really happy!
Kevin1958 says:
Still a lot of questions in my mind about this new SGX. 30,000 courses pre-loaded. So why would I need more memory? What does the annual fee get you? What are the two methods of navigation they mention? What are the plans for adding HoleVue to the software as they are obtained (instant or blockpoint releases)? Are there cross-hairs for distance calculations? Zoom capability? And of course, why did they do away with Course Lists? That was a great feature! How many courses can you have loaded with all the bells and whistles? Right now it is limited to 20 (SG5). And when will details of the trade-in program come out? Better be before the new unit hits the stores!

Perhaps I'll have to wait until it is released and then try it before buying.
parman929 says:
Kevin many of these questions have been answered on the skygolf website already. And this question sounds vaguely familiar to one I saw in the ClubSG forums. If you do a search you will find the answers to many of your questions.
BlondeSkyGirl says:
Kevin, just to answer one of your questions. The membership supports the cost of the mapping and quality that SkyGolf brings to the table. SkyGolf is the only GPS brand that spends the money and takes the time to Physically map their courses. All of the other GPS brands are using satellite images which are not reliable, the only way to have accurate information is by ground mapping. The SkyGolf mappers are trained professionals who will spend approximately 4 hours per course marking hazards, layups, the tiers on the greens, the circumference etc etc....

With the new SGX you will now be able to store up to 50 courses in your unit, and it will have zoom capabilities and the ability to move the cross hair. The new screen is fantastic and is made so that there is no glare or reflections in the sun. It has

There is no question that SkyGolf has done things right, they have the golfers best interest in mind and they deliver quality.
kjmorales1 says:
if i aready have the sg5 will it make that big of difference to buy the sgx i have the sg2 and went to the sg5 that was a huge difference
keith366 says:
BlondeSkygirl, when will the units hit the stores?
saxxman says:
My question is the same. What's up with those of us that pre-ordered back in Feb???
parman929 says:
It looks like TGW.com, and other sites, will be shipping 3/28 (pushed back from 3/15) which is earlier than the April release that is on the SkyGolf website. I don't recall any mention on the SkyGolf site of delivery prior to April though, even if you do/did pre-order.
Penny says:
The SGX looks really fantastic, however like many others I was rather unhappy when I got the SG5 for Christmas and then on the Golf Channel in January, only one month later, I see there is a new Sky Caddie coming out - the SGX - not really fair guys! Next time, bring out a new model ready for Xmas not the other way! Saying that, I do love my SG5, it's been a great help with my game!
Penny says:
At Christmas I was really pleased to get the Sky Caddie SG5! However like many other Sky Caddie purchasers who got a Sky Caddie over the last 3 months to a year, I was rather unhappy when I was watching the Golf Channel in January, to find out the totally new model, the SGX is coming out and looks like a Blackberry with new enhanced features. Not really fair guys! Next time, please bring out a new model ready for Xmas, not one month after Xmas has passed! However, I do love my SG5, it's been a great help with my game!
Calgolf says:
I purchased a new sg5 for Christmas after having a sg2 for about three years. I sold it for $100.00. When I saw the add in Golf Digest I really got upset so I took it back. It's no fun playing golf without a Sky Caddy and I was expecting to get a new one by the middle of March but I don't have a clue when I will be able to get one now. I went on a golf trip to South Carolina and borrowed a U-pro. It was ok but very difficult to load courses. One course that I played didn't get loaded right and I couldn't use it. Please hurry and get the thing out so golf will become fun again.
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