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Bobby Gibson a.k.a. Raybob1
How old are you and what's your occupation?
I am 30 years old and I'm a General Manager of a Sonic Drive-In.

When did you start playing golf and what's your handicap?
I starting taking golf lessons from my high school golf coach in the summer of 1997. I was 17 then and have been hooked even some 13 years later. I currently have a 14 handicap.

How often do you play?
I play once, sometimes twice a week.

Tell me about a great shot you've made.
One of my best shots had to be when I holed a 67 yard pitch shot which should have been for eagle but I skulled my second shot. Exact yardage brought to you by SkyCaddie of course!

What is your best golf memory?
My best golf memory has to be when I was going to college. Me and one of my old partners used to play 18 every morning in the summer and I mean every morning!

What is your "home" course?
My home course has to be Wasioto Winds in Pineville, Ky. 45 minutes from my current resident and only minutes from where I grew up. Just feels like home and I always hit the ball well there.

What ball do you play?
The ball I play is the Titleist Pro V1.

Drivers: Cleveland Hi-Bore XLS Monster
Fairway Woods: Cleveland HiBore XLS
Irons: Cleveland CG Gold
Wedges: Cleveland 588 Chrome
Wedges: Cleveland CG12 DSG RTG+
Putters: Cleveland VP1 Milled

Favorite pro?
My favorite Pro Would have to be Boo Weekly. I guess because he's a true outdoors man like me and I guess because he uses Clevelands.

Favorite course you've played?
My favorite course I've played I guess has to be Patriots Point in Charleston SC. Didn't play all that well there but I liked to views and wind off of Charleston Harbor.

Dream course you've yet to play?
My dream course I'm still yet to play has to be the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Best round ever- and what course?
My best round has to be an 83 at Wasioto Winds in Pineville, Ky. I finally put 2 good nines together that day.

Give me an example of a time your SkyCaddie saved you a stroke?
A time when SkyCaddie saved me a stroke has happened on a lot of occasions. Especially when it comes to laying up to or carrying creeks!

What is one aspect of your golf game you would like to improve on in the next year?
What I plan on in improving my game next year is my Sand play. It has become too inconsistent.

Tell me a story.
The scariest thing that has happened to me on the golf course is when this storm came out of no where and I mean no where. Lightning starts to strike all around me and my partner. I mean this stuff is hitting 50 yards away from us. The rain starts blowing in and were walking the course and we are the furthest away from the clubhouse as possible. They always say to avoid tall trees, open areas, etc. When lightning occurs and with no storm shelters around what the heck are we supposed to do. We just dropped everything and hoped like heck we didn't get hit. It worked out for us because we made it back to the truck. Scary time!


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