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Optimize the Performance of Your Battery (SkyCaddie SGX)
By mustang6560 on 7/20/11
The SkyCaddie SGX features a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, which is designed to provide up to 14 hours of continuous use.

SkyGolf chose to use a lithium-based battery because they provide a longer battery life, are lighter in weight and provide for a more convenient recharging schedule (as compared to nickel-based batteries). The lithium-based battery technology used in the SGX is similar to other consumer electronic devices currently available in the market.

Keep in mind, while lithium-based batteries provide the best performance for your SGX, it is important to understand what factors affect both the battery life and battery lifespan. To get the most out of your battery, please follow the tips below.

Battery DOs and DON’Ts
  • DO keep your SGX up-to-date with the latest software. SkyGolf periodically releases FREE application and OS updates to all SGX members. Our developers are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the SGX, including new ways to optimize battery performance. Sync your device regularly with CaddieSync Express to check for updates.

  • DO lower your backlight setting. Every SGX includes a backlight to make viewing critical distance information easy even in poor lighting conditions. The factory default setting for the backlight is 100%; however, it is recommended to lower your backlight setting to 50%.

  • DO make sure that the SGX’s battery is fully-charged before play.

  • DO charge the SGX using the wall charger or computer. After you plug the device in to charge, press “Charge” on the “Sync Screen”.

  • DO NOT turn off your SGX while it’s charging. Doing so will result in a “trickle” charge, which will take significantly longer to reach a full charge and it may not charge the battery all the way.

  • DO NOT use AC chargers or USB cables that did not come with or are not authorized for use with your SGX. The wrong adapters or cables may damage the SGX.

  • DO NOT expose your SGX to extreme temperatures. Treat it like you would your cell phone. Do not leave your SGX in a super-heated vehicle when not in use.

  • DO NOT leave your SGX attached to a charger or a USB port for over 24 hours. Under the recommended conditions, a completely discharged SGX battery should completely re-charge in about 4 to 4.5 hours when on the charging screen.

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DBtour says:
cldine says:
Great recommendayions!!!
gcenters says:
sky caddie said that it would automatically shut off after charging but i read not to let it stay on the charger more than 24 hours.... i took that to mean that you should not leave it on the charger, but once it turns it's self off does that hurt it... please advise.
mustang6560 says:
@gcenters- You are correct, the device will automatically power off after it completes a power cycle. However, it's recommended to unplug the device from the charger (i.e. wall or computer) after it's done charging.
joannbrown says:
I cannot find this screen: "DO charge the SGX using the wall charger or computer. After you plug the device in to charge, press “Charge” on the “Sync Screen”."
mustang6560 says:
When you plug your device into your computer or wall to charge, a black screen should pop up that says "Sync" near the top.

On the lower right hand corner, press the Right Key that says "Charge". This will take you to the charging screen.
Sir Thomas says:
How do you set the back light to 50%?
JBeaith says:
Go to settings, then backlight. Choose the percentage you want.
Gary Park says:
I hope down the road if I am playing a game against a friend whether he is on a diferent hole or same our sky caddies can link to each other to see there score on that hole as well
keithdsperry says:
Be sure to follow these tips because when your battery no longer charges your SGX is finished! There are no replacement batteries
ChuckBortho says:
Thanks- do you know where to find the spec on the wall charger 120V/usb plug in ? I thought there was a universal out put for 120 V to USB cable
PatsyM says:
I have a brand new SC, purchased in mid-May and only used it 3 or 4 times. Plugged it into my computer and left it overnight. Next morning after unplugging it and trying to engage it, it flashed an "X" for a short few seconds, then the screen flashed on and off slowly with no other info showing. Could this new SC's battery gone belly up so quickly. If so, what a bummer or a fairly new SC!
walterpoliak says:
I was playing Knole Park yesterday,and my sgx would continually fill the screen with the scorecard. I could not clear the scorecard [no matter which button was pushed .]The hole vue would come on for a few seconds, and then back to the scorecard.I had to turn the sgx off, Is there a fault with the sgx?or have I missed something?
smw1259 says:
wow...no replacement battery??? That can't be good
mxalegend says:
when i plug my sgx. I push on the charge button and then it turn off after a while but ehwn i open it back again it said then my battery still need to be charge.
dklsjslsjll says:
It is Oct 3 and I have probably played my last round until spring. The battery is at half or 3/4 charge. Should I charge it to full for the winter or is better to leave it where it is and then charge it just before I play again?
penright says:
LiPo battery life is best prolonged when stored with a 40% charge at a cool temperature. Don't fully charge it before storing it. Instead, if you let it discharge to 50% and then store it, you can monitor its charge monthly to make sure it stays above 40%. If it falls below 40% charge, charge it back to 50% and repeat as often as necessary until ready to play again in the spring.
RCC032564 says:
It is said that the battery should last upto 14 hours _ I get one round on a full charge and it is almost dead - 4.5 hrs - why is it not lasting 2 or 3 rounds on one charge
nozmoking says:
same here .. what's the deal w/ the battery???
kahuna333 says:
How do I adjust the back lightng????
Mimile says:
My SGX doesn't charge anymore, it stopped charging through the wall socket a couple of month ago, and now doesNt charge through the computer, anyone had this problem?
dmacz1917 says:
I just played yesterday. I fully charged the battery a few hours before the round. On the 17th hole I got a low battery message, and it died by the 18th tee. When I went to charge it this morning, the screen indicated it was at about 35-40% charged. You wouldn't think it would die with that much of a charge left, or the gauge is incorrect. Is there any way to recalibrate it?
mbradshaw58 says:
Skycaddie Engineers had better get busy no replacement battery for a $4oo device is unacceptable. It's to late for the ones who have already purchased, but why would anyone knowing this buy a Skycaddie. I will definatly tell everyone I know about this major downfall of the skycaddie.
dicksea says:
good tips thks
AliceF says:
I have a SG 3 which uses two AA batteries. I use rechargeable batteries and get one 18 hole round per charge. I have been leaving my SC in my golf bag, in the car, but the spare batteries are ih my home. Would I get a longer charge if I did not leave the SC in the hot car (las Vegas, NV)? Alice
cartero says:
Trato de registrar SG4 y de ningunan forma puede ser aceptado.
ltt says:
I have a SGX, and I have had the same problem by getting only 4 to 4-1/2 hours per charge. The only reason I bought a new Sky Caddie was I had to keep buying a charging cable for my SG4. This is apparently the second time I have been "ripped off" by Sky Caddie.
Bill Roberts says:
I have an SGX. I "synced" it and added a few courses. After syncing it prompted me to turn it off before disconnecting. Couldn't turn it off. I tried contacting customer support but all I received from you was a survey-over and over again. The clock is frozen and there is no amount of button pushing will turn it off. I guess it will eventually run the battery to zero. This can't be good for the battery or the SGX. What do I do now?
Soki says:
If your SGX is frozen push the off button along with the toggle button and hold for several seconds. Turn SGX back on and you should be o.k.
silver2006 says:
If its frozen you might want to thaw it out.
alexsrad says:
In order to avoid damaging your skycaddie battery you should use a timer. I use it and I can control the time I will charge my battery plus it turns off automatically, in case I forgot. It cost less than $20.00
oldnavycdr says:
New SGX. Registered and synced. Put it on charge but the the charge screen will not come up when I push the right soft button above the Charge indicator. Is there a button problem here or am I doing something wrong? I've resynced a couple of times and had to do a soft boot from a frozen screen. Also got some kind of weird message about internal memory being low. Had to soft boot to clear that one.
dayj99 says:
If I would have known that there was no replacement battery for the SGXw and the battery only lasts for one round of golf I definitely would not have purchased it.
Bartab says:
I've had my SGX for a year now. Since it was brand new it has been horrible. Unintuitive navigation thru the menus, takes forever to find satellites, can't seem to figure out which courase I'm playing, skips to the wrong hole, and I'm lucky to get a round completed before the battery dies. While the data on the course may be good, the product itself is JUNK!!!
Karl Spakler says:
Jesus, by the sounds of it I'm glad I haven't upgraded past the SG4... that "plug" is bad enough, but I can manage it. I don't know how pissed I'd be if I were having the same issues you all are. The more I read these things, the more I want to switch to GolfLogix.
snakeyesbro says:
turned my sgx on at golf course and the screen froze,It shows an error report on screen but I cant undue it.It wont respond to any commands.wont even shut off.Has this happened to anyone else out there?
S Daniels says:
My SGX shuts off as it is fully charged but when I power it on on 40%? Does not take a good charge and only last if lucky 1 round of golf. Any suggestion
kodante says:
A full recharge fills only 25% which does not even last a round. And ship it out to replace batteries? for $90 NO WAY!!!
tcat66 says:
Have had SGX since April. Have yet to get a round of golf in on a full charge. Looks like 400.00 for junk.
susanbrowning says:
Junk is correct. This is my second SGX. Both with same problem. Used it 5 or 6 times and it won't charge. SkyCaddie wants $89.95 to send me another one, which I can only presume won't charge after 5 or 6 uses.
Coppertone says:
I've just received a replacement SGX...these comments are dishearting because it confirms my belief in contracting a golf disease called no cure nomulligan-junkitis. My symptoms have included most all of the fore mentioned. And I thought I was the only one. What gives? Paid $499.00 plus GST and used for 3 rounds...froze up between nines with a "X" in July 2012 that would not go away!
And calling the skycaddies doctors is an exercise in frustration! 30 minutes on the wait line...poorest customer service in ANY company I have dealt with. Disappointed to say the least. Then I read no replacement batteries!?
CustomerCareAdmin says:
Hi Coppertone,
I see we recently replaced your SkyCaddie. I will have a representative follow up with you for assistance.
fowlie33 says:
bought a sgx from a guy, used it for a season, it worked very well, would last a few rounds, put it away in oct and got it back out in feb to charge for a golf trip in march, an x showed up and that was it, tried everthing. called skycaddie, they determined it was a software problem and sent another at no charge, outstanding service so far
physkos1 says:
I bought my SkyCaddie about 18 months ago and have had a few minor problems. The battery did not last as long as expected on a full charge but when I reduced backlighting to 60% it ws fine. Played 18 holes today and came home with more than 80% charge remaining!The scorecard does seem to pop up from time to time but this is an inconvenience rather than an real issue. Yes, the unit can be slow to find the necessary satellites but all you need to do is turn it on as early as possible after arrival at the course. Overall I have been very happy with my unit. If the battery does eventually fail I will have to buy a new GPS unit but will not be buying a SkyCaddie unless they use replaceable batteries!
Shmed44 says:
shinyvic says:
I hope skycady can come up with a different battery system as this is a lot of money to pay for something that is going to crap out after a couple of years. I will be looking at a rangefinder if this happens.
ElliotM says:
I am getting a white screen when I switch on my Skycaddie, yet if I plug in to sync the screen is fine. Any suggestions?
mustang6560 says:
ElliotM: I will forward your information to our customer support team for further assistance.
Skell13 says:
My SkyCaddie isn't charging properly? I leave it on charge, go back to it the next day and it has no charge? REALLY FRUSTRATING! HELP!
mustang6560 says:
Skell13, I just forwarded your customer information to our support team in the UK to have someone contact you directly for further assistance.
ggoodwin43 says:
the toggle button on my SGX came off- is the anyway to replace the toggle button
bkrett says:
I have an sgx that is just 2 years or sold old and I can't get it to charge or sync now. I contact support and all they can say is too bad, time to buy a new one. They then sell you a refurbished breeze at a decent price, but it is certainly dissappointing that there is no effort at troubleshooting. They promised the breeze has all the same functionality. It was dissappointing for sure on the lack of support to debug
AllanG17 says:
I too am on my second SGX, less then one year on replacement unit and same issue, will not charge. Love it when it works, but like your swing if u can not trust it time to try something else. Customer service just said order a new battery, he did not know what he was talking about... Not a well run company..
Dan Ev says:
Had a bit of trouble with my sgxw and I have to say, I thought the UK sky caddie/ sky hawks guys were great to deal with and very helpful. Just thought I'd share my positive experience.
I also have seen plenty of new batteries online so you should be able to buy a new one guys??
revillot1 says:
I've owned several skycaddies through the years and their product/ customer service is really going down hill. Most of you have a bad battery. You can find them for sale for about $20. Sky caddie wants to sell you a refurb unit for $90. It's really easy to take apart and replace the battery, maybe 15 minutes.
If you can, stay away cause they don't want to stand behind their product. They just want to sell refurb units! It's all about profits, not taking care those of us that have been keeping them in business.
I need the joystick rubber, 3rd one is bad. They tell me $89.99. Sad thing is I have 2 years of worthless subscription left on this last go round
Buyer beware!!!
dieselbox says:
I wish I never turned in my SG5. SGXw sucks. Battery barely lasts through a 3.5 hour round. Won't make it to 5 hours. I'm done with sky caddie. Thanks for nothing.
Jason Spainhour says:
This will be my LAST experience using a Skycaddie product I upgraded a year ago to the SGX from the SG5 because I dropped the SG5 and it wouldn't pick up a satellite signal no longer. This SGX is by far the worst POS technically deficient PITA product to update to sync to charge to functionally use. I have had to have the wall charger replaced brand new out of the box that thing wouldn't work 4 months later I couldn't get it to SYNC and had a new one shipped now the replacement half the time will SYNC half the time it won't. It took me 6 tries just to SYNC it to get my membership renewal transmitted to the stupid device. It now refuses to charge on the REFURBISHED pos so lesson learned I love golf and I have always been loyal to Skycaddy but this product absolutely SUCKS!!!
maoclark says:
My SGX got soaked in a rainstorm and appears with condensation on the screen. It won't turn on obviously. How do I take off the back to try and dry it out - it seems I would need special tools to unscrew it.

craigstew says:
The Micro USB port is terrible or it is a flawed software. I have tried every USB cord I own, none of them work. I get exception notices all the time telling when trying to charge and it says it the device needs to restart. What a waste of my money. graphics are great, but with poor craftsmanship terrible customer service I will be throwing this SGX in the trash and buying a different companies product.
BigBadB says:
Right hand button doesn't always work, have done the test thing to check buttons and light etc but right button is always a poor response
cedar grove says:
Is there a car charger available for an SG3.5
crazyboy says:
How do you recharge your SGX when the message that comes up on the screen is- low battery, device is shutting down. Any advice would be appreciated. Darby
BeirnesW says:
I originally bought the SGXW in 2013 and it worked great, put it back in the box for winter brought it out for spring and the sucker wouldn't charge. Hence I contacted Sky Caddie and they wouldn't send me a new one even under warranty, so after many frustrating chats I was sent a refurbished SGX instead. I used the SGX for the 2014 season and 2015 season. Now April 2016 and the same issue again, pulled it out of the box and now it won't charge. Now I plan on chatting with Sky Caddie again as I bought this product new, it worked for almost a year, followed by receiving a downgrade refurbished unit that doesn't work either. I follow the charging recommendations to a fault, and the unit is in mint condition. Just getting frustrated with the quality of the product as when it works its awesome but it shouldn't have this many bugs in the mfg of these expensive units. Not sure what to do or say?
RobE1951 says:
My Skycaddie SW2 won't fully charge. it goes to 70% and then stops. I finish a round without it running out of juice. What can i do?
holeinonehop says:
my sky caddie doesn't charge.Not under warranty. Advised by customer service to buy another one. Lots of luck
dlanzo says:
How do I set my Skycaddy watch back 1 hour???
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