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ClubSG Open For Business
By kickntrue on 3/16/10
There are some big changes on ClubSG starting today. Invite the rest of your foursome to join the site- as non-SkyCaddie members can now track scores!

There are two levels of membership- Basic and Premium. Basic is a free account that allows you to participate in most areas of the site and track scoring, putts, and fairways. A Premium ClubSG Membership is $9.95 annually, and will allow you to track 50+ stats, as well give you access to live mobile scoring, group creation and advanced privacy settings.

SkyCaddie owners with a current membership already have access to Premium ClubSG Membership features.

Here is a full breakdown you can show your friends- but the important thing is ClubSG is now an open community. If you play with a regular group of friends and want to track scores together- invite them sign up!

What Can I Track? Basic vs. Premium
Buy A Premium ClubSG Membership
Sign Up For Free Account

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parman929 says:
Thanks SkyGolf, this is a great addition.
TKGray says:
How do we invite others?
klangdon says:
There is a form here that allows you to easily email friends that might be interested:
BLUE-GMC says:
How do I purchase the Premium SG membership? I have gone all over this site and cannot find a link to do it. I called SG and they could not help me, either!! Ron
BLUE-GMC says:
The link Buy a Premium ClubSG Membership does not link to a place where I can purchase it.
kickntrue says:
@rdougall- you are already a Premium ClubSG Member. All SkyCaddie owners with a current membership automatically get a Premium membership. This is for people who don't own a SkyCaddie who still want to participate in ClubSG.
BLUE-GMC says:
Then why aren't all of the scoring features available for me? Thanks, Ron
WillyFojas says:
Same thing for me. I was able to transfer my Oobgolf data, but was unable to access the premium features. When I look at add a stat, it states that it is available for Premium members.
kickntrue says:
@WillyFojas- You can click/add the stats that are only for Premium members. Did you try to add one of the stats?
BLUE-GMC says:
I have tried to add stats, but without any success. Ron
WillyFojas says:
I did too, when I go to add stats, it says Premium, and is greyed out.
klangdon says:
rdougall, it appears that you have in fact added stats to your account. If you continue to have problems please post details to the forums

WillyFojas, your membership does not appear to be active.

If you have questions or issues, please post these to the forums as they will be answered much quicker by our support team there.
rleuner says:
I have the iPhone app installed and just received notice for an update. When I go to download the update, the app store demands to charge me for an upgrade just to download the update. I am a SG5 owner with (I believe) Premium membership!
nuuman20 says:
I down loaded SG Mobile app to my IPhone (Basic) I purchased the premium membership for $ 9.95. How do you activate?
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