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Win a trip to the 2012 Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship
By mustang6560 on 6/4/12
The sweepstakes is now over. We'll announce the winner Monday so please stay tuned to find out who won!

The 2012 Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship returns to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina August 27-31, 2012 and your friends at ClubSG want to help send you there.
The largest and most fun-filled amateur golf tournament on the planet was first played back in 1984 with 684 participants. Numerous celebrities have been part of the fun over the years, including Major League Baseball stars Roger Clemens and Tony Womack, LPGA champion Annika Sorenstam, NASCAR great Jeff Gordon, and CBS Sports and Golf Channel Commentator, David Feherty.
For the last several years, we've partnered with the World Am to run a sweepstakes giving one ClubSG user the chance to attend the week-long event in the golf Mecca of the world (doug815 won the sweepstakes last year). And 2012 is no different. We've worked out the details and I'm happy to announce the sweepstakes below.


The grand prize includes the following:
  • Four (4) rounds of tournament golf

  • Four (4) nights of food, open bar and entertainment for you and one (1) guest

  • Five (5) nights of accommodations (Sunday-Thursday)

  • Bagel, donuts & coffee at golf course each morning

  • Goodie bag
In addition to the aforementioned guaranteed prizes, based on your performance at the World Am, you also have the opportunity to:
  • Win flight, contest and individual prizes

  • Advance to a fifth round playoff to be crowned World Champion
The value of the prize is well over $1,500, which is fantastic! The winner of the giveaway will be responsible for airfare to and from Myrtle Beach and a rental car for the week.

While there can only be one grand prize winner, I do have something for the rest of you ClubSG users. From now until June 21, register and use the promo code "clubsg12" to receive $50 off of your registration fee ($425). The sweepstakes ends Sunday, July 1, 2012 at 11:59pm and the winner will be selected by the World Am the following Monday and we'll announce the winner as soon as s/he accepts the prize.


* While picking from one ClubSG user- this sweepstakes is actually being run by the World Am, which means the fine print is on them, but it's fair to guess because of sweepstakes law this is US Only and that the winner will be responsibly for the tax burden of the prize.

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blakeb242 says:
Gotta love the skycaddie. I have the SGX. AWESOME
davidjwilletts says:
My skycaddie SGX is the best club in bag and is making me think and play like a single figure golfer

mduckett885 says:
I'm through paying annual fees and have switched brands.
greggnange says:
I didn't know how dependent I had become on my SGX until it went dark and I had to use another brand (borrowed from a friend) and now that I have my SGX back I am pleased to have its capabilities back on my push cart.
harryr says:
There are a lot of us that don't use (nor want) facebook. To keep us in your good graces please make any promotions available on the web.
Harry Lundgren (owner of two Sky Caddies)
vickilynnwalterdavis says:
I agree completely with Harryr! All promotions should also be made available on the web.

Owner of a Sky Caddie...Vick Davis
Darish says:
I have an SG4 with the worst possible designed electrical connection for recharging. Doubt I would buy Sky caddie again.

rmessg7 says:
Since I am already entered in The World Am, if I happened to win, could we make the prize for 2013 or could I receive the cash value, instead?
I don't use Facebook but have to have an account to enter many contests.
JL Kendrick
SG5 Owner
vickys says:
i love my skycaddy i dont won`t to play without it
M.J.Bacon says:
Mick says
My Skycaddie is my Golking partner.
vichudd says:
I'd love to enter this contest, but wouldn't have a Facebook account if The grand prize was given to me annually - free!
thompickens says:
Lets do something about these annual fees and the Facebook connection. Two most irratating relationships to a great product.
Popz says:
I like my skycaddie SGX but wish the battary life was better three of the five times I played 36 hole in one day it quit before I finished the secound round
DOC1957 says:
Don't want to leave home without my old SG2 it has been great. Probably need to upgrade but for right now I will stick with it. Very impressed with the durability, reliability, and battery life.
johnnyjack says:
My SG5 is like a brother..lol..just kidding. it is an invaluable tool and much more accurate and informative than the "thing" my friend loaned me. All in all, I am very satisfied but the facebook thing is a joke. Do you really need facebook? come on guys!
hoghead1972 says:
allen says Had a SG5 but the SGX is in ball game all by its self...Do away with thats facebook thing....
MarlboroNick says:
Another SGX owner that does not, and will not, have a FaceBook account.
mustang6560 says:
You don't need a Facebook account to enter the World Am Sweepstakes.
watsontm says:
Mark Watson Carnoustie, just got my sgx these things are amazing, much better than my old caddy lite, It like having your own caddie..
louisdog says:
I will allways take it to the course and bringing the sky caddie only helps!
shinyvic says:
I love my Sky Caddy SGX, but wish these contests were open to us Canucks as well. Why is it a World Am when only US residents can enter. I play quite a bit in the states around Mesa, AZ each spring and woulod like to enter this World Am someday.
teetoogrn says:
The annual fee is growing old...and I, like many others, don't have, nor want a Facebook account!
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