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SkyCaddie PinPoint™ Technology

No more aiming and missing with lasers trying to get hole positions. SkyCaddie's PinPoint™ Technology allows you to add pin positions to measure to the hole. However, to enable PinPoint on the courses you play, we first need to have access to your course's green zone sheets. Here's how you can help:
Send us the zone sheets for your course. There are 3 ways you can submit this information:
  1. By Fax: Fax SkyGolf the sheet to (601) 510-7760
  2. By Email: Scan and email a copy of the sheet to pinpoint@skygolf.com
  3. Ask Your Pro: Let the local pro know that you would like to use SkyCaddie's new PinPoint feature on his course. All he needs to do is contact his local SkyGolf rep to get the necessary information to set up the sheet.
Once SkyGolf receives the zone information for your course, we'll add it to our course database and make it available as a course map update to your SkyCaddie® within a business week. Simply add the course to your favorites list (if you haven't already) and download it to your SkyCaddie to get the course update along with zone information.

Once your SkyCaddie® has been updated with green zone information, you will be ready to play with our amazing PinPoint™ Technology. Combined with SkyCaddie's patented IntelliGreen®, you'll have the yardages you need to the front carry, back, center and hole-location - automatically from your line of approach. You'll hit more greens, have more birdie putts and avoid greenside hazards, even if you can't see them.

As you arrive at the clubhouse prior to your tee time, simply inquire which zone the course is playing today and then set the zone number on your SkyCaddie® before you begin your round. Your SkyCaddie® will then take pin location into account as you are playing.

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