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Classic Legend

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The Classic Legend combines the best features of the original, popular Classic with technology from the world’s best seller, the PowaKaddy Freeway. The Legend incorporates the famous versatile chassis system with detachable handle and front wheel stems, allowing it to fit into the tightest of spaces. It also has a robust sealed motor-gearbox system for near noiseless operation. The renowned Classic Legend is a reliable, robust and easy to use.
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  TiggerStone - 12/7/13
  Matt Bobble - 5/27/13
  gazgolf1983 - 4/4/13
  keithradcliffe969 - 10/5/12
  Race Rabbit - 6/23/12
  P3 ALJ - 6/17/12
  Ally Learm - 3/26/12
  Blade Runner - 7/20/11
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Number of Users: 54
Average Handicap: 13.3
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