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The S3 PRO has a distinctive new look with a restyled frame, wheels, ergonomic handle and battery tray. The sleep, contemporary new look is combined with new digital features such as "lost ball" and "round" timers. Ideal for competitive golf, the "lost ball" timer is activiated by the push of a button and alerts golfers when five minutes has elapsed by a discrete series of beeps. The "round" timer allows players to check on their round duration at any point during the round.
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  moby147 - 5/28/12
Great cart
  boarclose - 9/18/14
  Kevin1504 - 9/18/14
  Malc (slasher) - 8/27/14
  Angus01 - 1/5/14
  shaleslider - 10/20/13
  Laurence Shane - 10/11/13
  breadbasher - 8/11/13
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Number of Users: 36
Average Handicap: 13.6
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