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Have you noticed people “walking” their luggage through airports on four wheels instead of dragging their bag behind them on two wheels? That’s half the concept here; the other half is making it easier to find and retrieve a club. Expanding from a compact 25”x18”x10” the Racr is ready for your bag in about 45 seconds.
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  profitbldr - 7/30/12
One of the best golf carts i have ever used.
  Huntman56 - 7/2/11
This is the Best push cart on the market
  Big Chief inc - 3/14/15
  garycaplin - 12/30/12
  JT3 - 3/13/11
  CALLAWAY4LIFE - 3/8/11
Golfer Stats
Number of Users: 7
Average Handicap: 16.4
Huntman56garycaplinBig Chief incSmokiCALLAWAY4LIFE
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