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Cleveland - CG Black

CG Black

  - Cleveland
With a sleek and striking look, the CG Black driver weighs only 265 grams, making it the lightest driver on the market to help players generate measurable increases in swing speed and distance with the same swing effort. The advanced aerodynamics found in the driver’s Speed Crown Design – an innovative, teardrop-inspired crown profile – maximize distance by reducing drag at all angles of airflow during the swing.
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  Larrylund - 7/22/12
Hit it long and straight without massive club head speed.
  dagaturner - 5/5/16
  dboyer22 - 4/7/16
  lgilb141 - 3/21/16
  Coastie30 - 2/13/16
  JC Vero - 9/15/15
  rdean42 - 6/25/15
  Old Golfer - 5/28/14
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