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  xarkzila917 - 4/18/10
I'm still not 100% sure on this one. I had this driver made for me last year by a pro who didn't ask me for a lot of input. The first one he made me was a 9 degree. I couldn't hit the thing to save my life. On the range I checked after each hit and even when I nailed it dead center on the clubface, the ball just wouldn't fly as far as my 5 wood. The pro made some remarks about my ability, (he hadn't seen me hit,) and huffed off to the range to show me how well the driver worked. After a few hits of his own, with the ball not going 200 yards, he looked at me and sheepishly said, "Something is wrong with this club!" No fooling!!

So, he discovered the head was cracked and after taking some time to talk to me about my game and goals, he remade the club with a 10.5 degree loft and a head that wasn't cracked. Now I can hit the thing, but I'm still inconsistant with it. I didn't play it at all last year, just hit it on the range.

With the new golf season starting up, I decided to play this club as if I knew what I was doing. I'm far less inconsistant with it now than I was last year. Sure, my first shot with it was like a ground mapping excursion, but it still went 230, about the same as my 3 wood. Will be using this driver all year to give it a fair chance.

Well, I was hitting practice balls and the shaft on this driver broke! I got it replaced but it's not the same as it was. I can still hit the club well, but it's taking a little to get used to as there are minor changes in how the ball reacts. As my swing is improving, it doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. Still, I picked up a Callaway FT-IQ used as a backup.
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