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Cleveland - Launcher 460 Ti

Launcher 460 Ti

  - Cleveland
Launcher Ti460 Driver uses Thin Crown Technology to make it even longer and straighter than the original Launcher 460. By adding new Thin Crown Technology to the Launcher 460 driver, Cleveland Golf designers have managed to take an already successful driver and make it even longer and straighter. The key to this driver’s renewed success is in the fact that 15% of the weight has been removed from the top crown of the clubhead and redistributed into lower and deeper locations around its perimeter.
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  gherbener - 6/21/11
the straightest driver since the Ping TiSI
  Mattchiro - 8/17/14
  ericdavid - 6/11/13
  swatchable - 3/13/13
  besecker - 12/30/12
  javieragm - 6/26/12
  keithmufc - 5/31/12
  peterdr56 - 5/10/12
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