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Titleist - Pro Titanium 983E

Pro Titanium 983E

  - Titleist
The slightly shallower front-to-back profile produces a flatter initial launch angle. The neutral internal weighting and slightly lower and forward CG location promote a boring trajectory and low spin. The result is a low spin driver for the stronger or high-spin player seeking optimal distance with trajectory control.
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  Dukie Babe - 3/23/11
I bought this Driver used two years ago. I wanted a G2 but couldn't find a good one. I was somewhat skeptical about the shaft due to my age and swing speed, but the shaft proved to play like a firm rather than a stiff.
Currently looking for a G15 9.0 with a Serrano Stiff because I hit my son-in-law's and consistently hit it 10-15 yards further.
  Driver Dave - 4/28/13
  LarsBenson7 - 3/30/13
  cm161g - 7/8/12
  johnscaddy - 5/23/12
  Tankenv - 3/30/12
  Golflen - 10/23/11
  rctcgolfnut - 9/28/11
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