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The dynamic club adjustability system that started with the FT-i® and FT-5® Drivers is now available in the newest and best drivers with Fusion® Technology that Callaway Golf has to offer. I-MIX® Technology allows you to quickly and easily customize your driver by selecting FT-iQ™ or FT-9™ clubheads and from among dozens of the most sought-after shafts in the game.
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  LeeJ - 8/2/10
This is a very nice club and it did improve my game. Unfortunately it came apart on me as I tee off on round. Callaway did there assessment and had determined the club was faulty. as a replacement they gave me a FT IZ Imix. An A+ for Callaway but if I could I would eliminate the middle man. The place of purchase (the middle man)did as their policy would allow but it did take awhile to get my replacement.
Overall....all is very good and I certainly will review the IZ.
  WGBussey - 6/6/17
  Greg Skok - 7/2/14
  deeker83 - 5/27/13
  Tbrown4039 - 7/15/12
  jredtegeler - 5/8/12
  Shengping - 4/23/12
  jswetitch - 7/18/11
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