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S3 Max

  - Cobra
Featuring an offset design and a 6-4 titanium head with E9 Face Technology, the S3 Max driver from Cobra Golf creates a 30% larger Sweet Zone for maximum distance and forgiveness. The E9 is elliptically shaped, and moves higher in the toe and lower in the heel, for more ball speeds where amateur golfers miss most often.
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  pegasus0100 - 11/9/11
All I can say about this driver is WOW. It corrected my slice which added a good 20 yds to my drives.
  tarburton - 9/2/14
  elgoldy734 - 2/24/14
  bucko57 - 8/3/13
  StevieGolfWonder - 6/18/13
  D.Andrew.Cook - 6/4/13
  taye - 4/24/13
  fluff dawg - 4/19/13
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