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Our focus on developing the Rage Driver was to create a driver that not only produces tremendous ball speed, but improves on ball dispersion. In the game of golf, accuracy plays as big a part as distance. We without any question are known for distance. The New Rage Driver is the highest ball speed driver we have ever developed.
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  golfgolfo1 - 2/20/11
I have had two outings with this club, compared with my regular driver (Taylormade Tour Burner) it has 1/2 deg less loft and a stiffer shaft yet hits the ball incredibly high which is great with the wind behind, not so good for anything else, A friend tried the club today (4 handicap) and got the same high flight. The club still hits long and straight, ball dispersion with my swing is more than acceptable, the sound of the ball off of the club face is sweet and feel is good, the club will draw and fade fairly easily and is reasonably forgiving of mis-hits. If I had had the chance to test the club before purchase I would have gone for 8 degree, with the flight path as is I loose a lot of roll. Is the club longer than my Taylormade? No, not really, about the same but it would be with a lower ball flight.
  crfinmychevy - 6/3/12
  mrbigdaddy - 1/15/12
  Nutedogg - 6/30/11
  bmwmuff - 9/5/10
  BlackSteel - 6/5/10
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