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The new 4DX Fairway Wood from Nickent Golf utilizes brazing technology, a new innovation that allows a manufacturer to fuse steel and Titanium without using epoxy.
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  paulz - 8/4/11
Unfortunately no longer manufactured. I love mine, easy to hit off most lies. Have 3,5,and 7 in a senior flex and still looking to pick up a four before they fade from sight. For tight lies I have 3 and 7 UT (utility club for dry conditions) Best I have ever had.
  curtismbecker - 4/25/10
I have the 3 and 5 woods. Love them both. I can hit them with confidence from any surface-fairway, rough, dirt, waste areas-you name it. With the bottom weighting they make stiking the ball easy. These are the first fairway woods I've ever owned that I hit consistently well. I highly recomend them for anyone who struggles to hit solid woods off the ground. They also play very nicely off the tee!
  dbelmont - 6/13/16
  Derek Warren - 6/30/15
  iamdiceman - 7/24/13
  jcook123 - 12/2/12
  bkgolf916 - 8/20/12
  Pigglett1963 - 6/24/12
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