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Titleist - 909 F3

909 F3

  - Titleist
A tour proven pear profile club head with a smaller, deeper face constructed from stainless steel body and carpenter steel face insert

Designed for the player seeking shot control while still providing confidence

High performance fairway wood that delivers a mid launch trajectory with a low spin rate

Tour proven crown creates a low and deep Center of Gravity (CG) and a SureFit Swingweight for higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and launch for long straight shots

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  randy24martin - 1/3/10
Excellent fairway wood with very straight ball flight.
  SeaMonk - 1/24/17
  Abellamy - 6/1/15
  JAYWEBB - 6/15/14
  angelat4992 - 8/26/13
  gulmer - 8/2/13
  kodemanguy - 7/20/13
  Slick Greens - 4/20/13
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