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TaylorMade - Burner (2007)

Burner (2007)

  - TaylorMade
The TaylorMade men's Burner steel fairway wood includes the company's SuperFast technology, which reduces the total club weight to promote a faster swing speed and more ball-crushing distance. By building a club that players can swing faster, the Burner can deliver a higher average ball speed on mis-hits.
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  physkos1 - 12/3/11
No issue with launch trajectory. Always check my club head posiyion to ensure not closed. At 58 years young I am happy with 200 yard carry.
  hoselhitter - 9/30/10
Launch trajectory is way too low
  drg7003 - 6/21/10
excellent club for the price. very adequate on short par 4s. very forgiving on mishits
  Mr. Pinehurst - 4/27/08
Great club, can be very accurate in seeking the pin.
  PrincePowe - 10/6/17
  ParisG - 7/27/17
  m1tch284 - 5/13/17
  Amulfo - 5/4/17
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