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Tour Edge - Exotics XCG-V

Exotics XCG-V

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Setting a new standard in distance, the XCG-V's titanium cup-face is 25% larger than previous models. This engineering advancement creates a bigger hot zone for impressive power even on off-center hits. Consistent with Exotics technology, the V-series also has an extremely low spin rate producing the optimal trajectory and maximizing length.
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  sanphred18 - 3/30/12
played my first game with this club yesterday...tyically outdrive my playing partners by 20 yards...hitting 40 yards past them and drove through a 285 fairway. Love the distance and controlability of this club.
  dominicfrank - 3/28/12
I wanted a 3 wood that could get me to the par 5's in two when I was hard into the wind or over 250 out. This was the one I read was the furthest and it is for me. However, I only get 250+ off the tee, I can not hit this well off the ground for some reason. Love the look and feel but I might be in the market soon for a replacement.
  alaw - 6/22/16
  Poway1464 - 11/17/14
  drivinius - 7/19/13
  StevenElfritz - 3/16/13
  andrux - 10/4/12
  HLA70 - 9/25/12
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