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Callaway - FT Optiforce

FT Optiforce

  - Callaway
Introduced in 2013, the fairway version of Callaway's FT Optiforce driver has reduced aerodynamic drag over their older models, a square face-angle, a forged face cup, a precisely-positioned CG, and Callaway's "Modern Warbird" sole for more versatility from a variety of lies.

Available in D0 swingweight in the following versions:

3W: 15°
4W: 17° (RH only)
5W: 19°
7W: 21° (RH only)
9W: 23° (RH only)

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  BrokenSlice - 8/11/14
Crazy long. Great feel and sound. I'm not crazy about the look, but this thing just goes! You gotta try this out ... 15-20 yards longer than the RBZ stage 2.
  GeneBarrett - 12/23/16
  GerryFSU - 2/21/14
  cskoenig - 8/25/13
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Number of Users: 22
Average Handicap: 17.5
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