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Fairway Woods are designed with a low center of gravity (CG) to help get the ball in the air easily. These low spin stainless steel clubs are so solid, you won't believe the distances you get.
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  jalloret - 8/8/11
A very good club. The five wood I have is an offset, which I feel is pleasing at address. I rarely slice with this club, and distance is very good. Due to the age of the club, I was able to buy it new at a steep discount (about $75 at Dick's around five years ago). My only critique would be that due to the age of the club, the technology is definitely out-dated, so there could very well be some newer clubs out there that are better.
  mason1961401 - 11/30/16
  timmymedic - 3/21/15
  RichieG01 - 4/24/13
  Bumper8 - 1/25/13
  sparkygav - 9/1/12
  dgainer - 7/30/12
  Jelcoinc - 7/28/12
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