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ENGINEERED FROM THE GROUND UP. OPTIMIZING LAUNCH AND SPIN BY LOFT. Progressive Nike PowerBow weighting puts the center of gravity where it's needed most in each loft-forward and higher in low lofts for penetrating trajectory with less spin, or deep and low in higher lofts to increase spin rates and make it easier to get the ball airborne. Optimized ball flight means maximum distance in every available loft.
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  jalloret - 8/8/11
An excellent club. A nice neutral look at address, and excellent distance off the tee. Due to its low profile, also a pretty easy wood to hit off-the-deck (it would be even easier to hit off-the-deck if Nike had engineered it with an extremely low profile like the Adams Golf Ovation or Tight Lies). My overall rating is 4.5 stars, but ClubSG prevents you from choosing half-star ratings.
  YGaudet - 9/7/16
  JTIBBS - 3/24/16
  SgtMaj05 - 6/15/14
  GumbyDam897 - 5/22/14
  jasievers - 2/15/14
  GolferKenH - 8/4/13
  grizley99 - 7/4/13
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