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Based on feedback from some of the best players in the world, Callaway Golf engineers have re-energized the best-selling fairways woods in the game. The new X Fairway Woods are designed to deliver for golfers every time they hit the course. The most significant upgrade is the addition of the highly successful Modified X-Sole Design featured in X Hybrids. This design lowers the leading edge and provides clean turf interaction from the rough or the fairway.
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  DanielBiery - 9/27/12
excellent club for enhanced carry and reliable distance.
  cbwallach - 8/7/11
I can't get any height from these woods. I probably should have not gotten them in stiff shaft.
  WGBussey - 6/6/17
  skip61 - 6/14/16
  BJJACKSON - 5/6/16
  apug3 - 4/3/16
  smcteg - 3/16/16
  Microdot - 8/29/15
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