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While the DynaGrip Elite is the best glove you can buy, it is not for everyone. It's a glove for the golfers who value feel over durability. In fact, this is the quality of glove preferred and worn by many Tour professionals.

DynaGrip Elite starts with thinner, softer Cabretta leather for the most sensitive feel you have ever experienced in a golf glove. The Elite also features a stretchable nylon hinge across the first knuckles so you can take your grip without tugging on the leather.

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  wfwp91 - 7/14/14
The quality, feel, performance and price are top notch.
  sompin2do - 5/1/10
Just can't beat these at 2 for $15.
  theycallmetak - 12/7/13
  snakehead7 - 6/13/13
  nichols - 4/11/13
  LEVINE - 12/19/12
  ScottSharman - 10/11/12
  Jromoman - 3/28/12
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