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  bkuehn1952 - 7/12/12
There are three club sections, which is a lot less than most bags. I eventually got used to it (Driver/woods/hybrids; Irons; Wedges & putter) but some may prefer more dividers and sections.

The strap has a place where the two straps are sewn together to balance the bag between the shoulders. After about 5 uses the sewing came apart. I had to sew the straps together again with heavy duty thread - a bother.

Other than those two issues, the bag is stable when standing, light and has plenty of storage space. I like the bag and other than the strap issue, I would give it 5 stars.
  wfwp91 - 5/15/14
  tres01 - 5/1/13
  Subimago - 4/1/12
  swdickie367 - 12/9/11
  ryboy8 - 7/27/11
  Petroguy - 8/25/10
  BHBrownson - 6/20/10
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