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The AD333 2009 Golf Ball has an enlarged, highly resilient Energetic Gradient Growth core that is made possible through thin-cover technology. This technology provides greater ball speed, high launch and low spin for increased carry and roll.
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  JIm_Smallwood_Jr. - 3/18/11
I played the Bridgestone B330S for a couple of years and at half the cost, the AD333 is easily as good and playable at half the price.
  Jwneubs - 10/1/10
40 yards short of my average distance off the tee.
  MrUmp1 - 7/26/09
Bought 2 dozen for 25 bucks and got a free towel. Great spin on greens and feels really great comming off the club.
  NRdeMJ - 3/29/17
  skip61 - 6/14/16
  Gilly12 - 3/14/16
  mcully1100 - 1/11/16
  happyhammer7 - 4/4/15
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