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Callaway - HEX Chrome+

HEX Chrome+

  - Callaway
Advertised as Callaway's fastest tour-specific ball, the Hex Chrome+ features inner and outer mantles designed to produce more ball-speed and lower spin with the driver.

Available in white and optical yellow.

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  jfurr - 10/12/13
A great ball -- Urethane covered 3 pc for 30 bucks ?! It's like a cross between a tour ball ala ProV1x and distance ball. Feels great on full swing, pretty good spin action, and soft feel an chips and putts.
  DaveS48 - 5/18/17
  dagaturner - 8/10/16
  sbeal58289 - 8/3/15
  Jforry - 5/8/15
  Casino Boss - 3/18/15
  GTBooker - 9/19/14
  DJH 3885 - 6/7/14
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