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TaylorMade - Penta TP5

Penta TP5

  - TaylorMade
The Penta TP golf ball, the first and only five-layer Tour ball. Each layer is engineered to optimize performance in five key shot categories that skilled players need: driver, long-irons, middle-irons, short-irons, and partial wedges. The Penta TP5 ball features a new, softer core for a softer feel and to ease driver spin for maximum distance.
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  Dan49 - 8/10/12
This version of Penta balls is fantastic. It gives me feel without sacrifice of distance. I am able to stick a 4 iron fade within a foot or two of where it lands on the green regardless how hard the green is. Very nice improvement on the older version. The price makes it harder to buy Pro V1.
  ynnam14 - 1/28/16
  Pascal Dion - 8/6/15
  EJapec - 10/23/14
  shawnj56 - 9/2/14
  BrokenSlice - 8/11/14
  ak9385 - 6/6/14
  Bruce H - 5/13/14
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