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Nike - Power Distance Soft

Power Distance Soft

  - Nike
The Nike Power Distance Soft Golf Balls have a lower-compression core and softened ionomer cover to provide longer distance with added feel. With this golf ball, you get it all: exceptional distance and feel, enhanced greenside control and consistent ball flight.
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  Dstigger - 2/25/11
A great ball for the slow swing. Great on the drive as well as on the approach. they putt a little slower, however they are a very straight putting ball.
  dugpar - 7/21/16
  Lance Bendiak - 10/27/14
  KNIGHTCRASH - 8/7/14
  dcwalt2 - 3/7/13
  sprakash - 6/5/12
  Pete Moss - 5/28/12
  labotta - 5/4/12
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