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Soft Feel

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The new Srixon Soft Feel is the softest Srixon ball we've made. With the 333 dimple pattern and Rabalon® Cover, the Srixon Soft Feel incorporates tour proven performance in a low compression ball for the everyday golfer. First, the new Soft Feel features the softest Energetic Gradient Growth core ever designed. It promotes ideal high launch angle and low spin launch conditions for all golfers, while the low compression gives great feel and velocity to those with low swing speeds.
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  Daniel P. - 4/26/12
Disapointed :( to soft of a ball
  e.lambley - 8/7/11
A good general play ball at a good price
  golfergreg1 - 4/2/17
  genecjr - 7/9/16
  myou683 - 6/22/16
  Jojo41 - 7/19/15
  jrm165 - 6/13/15
  chucktix009 - 6/6/15
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