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Bridgestone - Tour B330-RXS

Tour B330-RXS

  - Bridgestone
The Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS Golf Ball: The first Tour performance series designed for amateur swing speeds. The B330-RXS offers Tour-level performance around the greens, yet is engineered to optimize distance off the tee for a moderate swing speed. The RXS is designed for players who prefer Tour performance with maximum Tour spin.
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  aldoran - 8/3/12
Great distance. Softer feel and spin almost as good as ProV1. Scuffs fairly easily.
  dkpaquette - 5/27/11
I use to hit BS 6 and switch to the B33pRXZ 6 monyjs and reall like them Doug
  clippo7865 - 7/7/10
very good ball
  jerrylefevre - 6/27/17
  Mike385 - 9/19/16
  woodhams28361 - 9/13/16
  jaredqb - 7/3/16
  bubby58063 - 6/25/16
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