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Srixon - Z-Star X (Pure White)

Z-Star X (Pure White)

  - Srixon
The "X" variation of Srixon's Z-Star is a higher compression ball with a firmer cover, making it perform best at swing speeds above 105 mph. The 0.5-mm cover includes 324 aerodynamic dimples with Invisiseam technology for consistent flight on every shot.
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  PKLOWE - 5/14/11
love them! did play prov1x but now after 3 drives of 300 plus and i have never come close to that , 281 being my longest before i only play these now and for half the price , wow! what a winner.
  Hawkeye77 - 6/13/17
  Tramayne - 9/3/14
  guertin01 - 9/18/13
  Oli Hughes - 4/3/13
  bmdavis - 7/10/12
  Jonna.Coates - 5/1/12
  Pburgguy - 4/14/12
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