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Adams - Idea Tech V3

Idea Tech V3

  - Adams
This hybrid's technology lineage comes from the Idea Hybrids that were popular on the PGA Tour for a number of years.
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  TBOD - 6/7/12
if you can afford these clubs, buy! my handicap as indicated is high, however since i am in-between jobs i suspect will improve rapidly. best club i have ever hit. More yardage straight.
  Davepm888 - 4/29/12
Best hybrid I have ever hit and now that Golftown has lowered the price amazing value as well.
  BigWillieSteeler - 7/18/16
  Mantaman - 5/25/16
  bmcg - 8/20/15
  gunny64 - 8/11/15
  Seigfried - 6/20/15
  druidsan - 5/23/15
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Average Handicap: 13.6
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