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TaylorMade - Rescue 11 TP

Rescue 11 TP

  - TaylorMade
The Rescue 11 TP features up to 4° of adjustable clubface angle, 2° of loft adjustment, and 2° of lie adjustment, enabling as much as 1,000 RPM of spin change. The low center of gravity is designed to produce higher launches.
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  brad.carolyn159 - 6/26/11
An excellent addition to my bag. Still working with the correct launch angle, but it is quickly becoming the best scoring club in my bag. Can be hit from rough, or fairway, or tee. No problem.
  mrcgamble27 - 7/22/17
  cbarrow2727 - 3/19/17
  riggio71 - 3/18/17
  WDZGOOD - 12/23/16
  Ethan Sungmin - 10/11/16
  Riggsbee - 4/19/16
  boarclose - 9/18/14
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