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Mizuno - T-Zoid Fli-Hi

T-Zoid Fli-Hi

  - Mizuno
Designed on the PGA Tour, the Fli-Hi gives a soft landing alternative to the long iron. The hollow design enables weight to be moved back from the face, creating a deep low center of gravity for stability and highlaunch angle. A forged face and neck ensures a soft pure feel and adjustable lie angle. Easier to get airborne than a long iron, solid at impact and more controllable than a fairway wood, the Fli-Hi should find a gap in the bag of every golfer.
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  gherbener - 6/21/11
too much offset for me to rely on a consistent ball flight
  Maddogherman - 7/2/14
  TT97 - 2/25/13
  jcoates13 - 4/29/12
  Litteseve - 4/22/12
  mgalli - 7/3/11
  Chris Hutcheon - 6/23/11
  KKYDAWG1 - 1/2/11
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