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Ben Hogan - Apex Plus

Apex Plus

  - Ben Hogan
3 - PW
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  habs25 - 5/1/10
great set of clubs.For a 299.00$ new it`s ever better.Classic look ,good feedback, best money ever spend.It`s a shame the company don`t exist anymore
  groomsman2 - 4/28/10
Picked these babies up used at a local Golf Galaxy for $199. best money I ever spent on clubs. If you put a good swing on these it is the purest feeling you can get. Lots of feedback on mishits. a lil tough if your not used to forged clubs but if you stick with them they will truly make you a better golfer in the long run
  Haegen - 2/11/14
  tdeyoung - 4/13/13
  mikewanner - 4/15/12
  yan1428 - 4/10/12
  peachlarson - 8/15/11
  jlukas - 7/10/11
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