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CCi Forged

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The CCi irons combine classic clean lines with cutting edge technology. Each insert is comprised of a high density tungsten weight plug and a feel enhancing polymer. The tungsten weight plug creates a lower CG (center of gravity) position to increase forgiveness while the polymer dampens vibration for a softer feel than a conventional cast clubhead.
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  MBlookie - 3/21/09
Got 'em in February. Still haven't made up my mind yet. I haven't got any worse.
  ggilbert56 - 5/26/13
  dcshowdown - 5/20/13
  willy ray - 8/24/12
  xpepsix - 6/18/12
  Willie Jr - 4/20/12
  teejae69 - 3/14/12
  MANICK01 - 3/3/12
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