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Cleveland - CG7 Tour Black Pearl

CG7 Tour Black Pearl

  - Cleveland
The CG7 Tour Black Pearl irons feature a laser milled face that allows Cleveland to produce a clubface incorporating the optimal amount of surface roughness to enhance spin and control. The Zip grooves are the product of an advanced milling technique that allows Cleveland to produce 35% bigger grooves with pristine edges that are not compromised during the production process.
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  jeffrey lay - 10/30/10
best irons ever. lauchs ball ball high and stops on green.
  chuck furr - 2/16/17
  Zoni - 12/16/16
  Clarkie01 - 1/31/14
  CParn - 12/27/12
  COR ONE - 11/21/12
  Cnorm129 - 6/22/12
  golf2528 - 5/24/12
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