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Exotics EX-3

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The EX-3 is unlike any iron we've ever created, featuring a forged titanium cup face encased in a hollow, stainless steel body and complimented with a Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) dampening insert. The cupped face gives the EX-3 solidity and robustness that allows more weight to be shifted to the iron's sole. This design creates a super-high moment of inertia and a lower center of gravity.
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  dalascby - 7/23/10
These are the first irons to ever go over .800 COR, in fact they are at the USGA limit of .830. So yes, they are longer than the Taylormade Burner irons, which are at .810.
  Shogun820 - 7/21/11
  david.hughes364 - 10/19/10
  jccjal - 9/22/10
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