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Introduced in 2003, these steel irons feature a bar across the cavity designed to produce a solid feel and distance control. The CG, which is closer to the face, creates a penetrating trajectory. A thin top line and cambered sole ensure confidence and easy alignment, and the small cavity adds forgiveness on mishits.
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  crawfordhastings - 8/16/10
Great set of irons. Had them for a while and keep going back to them. I just seem to hit them straighter than most other irons. Ball flight is quite low and feel is not as good as forged, but straight is good!
  jlmimms - 5/7/16
  fourquartz - 1/25/15
  Le king - 3/23/13
  Southwest Stunner - 9/22/12
  TXan - 9/18/12
  mkvoskuil - 8/27/12
  Dugolfer62 - 7/9/12
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