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Ping - Anser (2012)

Anser (2012)

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The USGA-conforming Anser forged iron is a semi-cavity-back for the better golfer designed to provide the soft feel of a forged blade. Forged from soft 8620 carbon steel and paired with a hollow cavity design with a tungsten nickel sole, the new Anser Forged provides premium soft feel, shock absorption and performance.
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  Dale Fittes - 3/6/13
Very nice appearence and easy to hit.
Able to work the ball left and right.
A little expensive, but worth every penny.
  MostlyBogies - 10/16/12
Very smooth feel - the ball goes straight and true. I really like the clean look of the clubs. On the pricey side, but worth it.
  ggvch.vt - 1/20/12
The most incredible clubs I've play ever.
  aceupmyslv878 - 5/14/11
Incredible. Soft and sweet. Looks great too. Best irons I have ever owned.
  jnickell22 - 11/2/15
  mlr79 - 4/8/15
  dschaffer - 3/6/15
  Big Snipes - 7/13/14
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