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Ben Hogan - Apex Edge

Apex Edge

  - Ben Hogan
These new forged irons are designed to appeal to traditionalists seeking classic Hogan lines and game-improvement technology and playability. The Apex Edge Irons are forged from 1020 carbon steel and feature a 180-degree undercut channel and wide sole designed for a lower center of gravity and a higher moment of inertia to give you added forgiveness and high, hot launch angles.
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  kidraisersquared - 6/12/12
These clubs play awesome & there are none better looking. If your going to play golf, then use a golf club, not a farm implement.
  BennyM - 3/21/17
  big dik - 7/31/16
  Potz77 - 4/13/13
  richcrim - 8/10/12
  meathooks - 5/17/12
  Capt Don - 3/17/12
  KiddTT - 2/6/12
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