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The Mizuno MP-52 Steel Irons have Dual Muscle Technology to deliver an extremely controllable and predictable ball flight with the feel the better players demand. An innovative Dual Muscle Player's Cavity provides a blend of workability and control to every hit. U-grooves create the ideal spin on the ball and provides the ultimate playability.
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  hpinsf - 1/2/11
Let's face it, a pure shot from most clubs, cast or forged, feels awfully good. I've got 33 years playing experience to validate that. BUT, I must say, puring shots with these clubs is euphoria. Coupled with Project X shafts...it's just pure butter.
  Mandelbaum! - 6/21/10
I…freaking…LOVE…these…sticks!! So pure.
  JLAPERA - 6/16/17
  mburstein - 5/13/16
  TerryGillan - 7/17/15
  GolfwithMizuno - 3/18/15
  Fish59 - 2/13/15
  rfinley3 - 10/21/14
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