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c510 Forged Cavity

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Total feel and forgiveness in one package. The forged c510 cavity back irons offer what the best players require: The feel that only forged carbon steel can deliver plus the forgiveness that a true cavity back provides. The combination of superior manufacturing techniques and better player features means when you're ready for more golf club, the Pursuit c510 will deliver.
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  jalloret - 8/13/11
A very good club. The c510's are not easy to hit but the feel and response are incredible. I prefer this in my irons, as I place feel and response above distance. The sweet spot is small, but being cavity backs, they are somewhat forgiving. A pure shot feels incredible, and is instantly recognized. I used the Callaway X-20's, and my distance increased about fifteen yards with each club, but hitting the Callaway's was like hitting the golf ball with a shovel - no feedback or feel in the clubhead. I'm happy giving up distance in this instance. I had my entire set of clubs custom-made with premium shafts and grips for about $600.
  Se7en - 5/2/14
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