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Titleist - AP1 710

AP1 710

  - Titleist
The Titleist AP1 710 Iron Set 4-GW with Steel Shafts are the essence of advanced performance with multi-material, dual cavity irons that provide improved feel, great looks, shot control and higher flight with forgiveness for the avid to skilled golfer. The stock shaft is the VS Proto T 75 and the stock grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet.
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  DRP123 - 5/12/12
Played Titleist 804 OS irons for the over 10 years. The AP1s are longer and more forgiving. Would recommend to anyone.
  WayneSpitzig - 9/21/11
Played AP2's for past two years. Loved them but this year not getting my normal 100+ rounds in so having some difficulty being consistant. Hit one of friends AP1's (which I suggest to him) and absolutely feel in love. My game is back. Sold my AP2's and got a set. Since then 2 more of our golf buddies have purchased the AP1's as well. I have hit a lot of clubs but this is the best feeling and closest to a forged to can buy without paying the price. My only knock is that it is a bit more difficult to make those special shots I could make with the AP2, but overall this is a great club and also great value for the price.
  fgunnoe - 6/24/11
The AP1's have outstanding (solid) feel for a cast iron. They provide meaningful feedback yet eliminate any harsh vibrations on mis-hits. They are quite forgiving and produce a straight ball flight with very little side spin ... which in turn makes it easy to go pin seeking. My GIR percentage and average distance to the pin has improved significantly since bagging these sticks.
  brad.carolyn159 - 11/14/10
new for the end of '10 season. ball flight is much higher than the Callaway X-18s they replaced.
  WDZGOOD - 12/23/16
  Jalbercar - 6/26/16
  dlnigh - 4/23/16
  r.hilberink1 - 2/16/15
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