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The DMB irons are the next generation of Maltby clubs created in a five-step forging process. The lofts have been increased by 1° to a achieve a more modern loft progression, along with improved finish durability and CNC-milled grooves. The DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) finish is a chemically implanted finish that is 2x more wear resistant, 3x more corrosion (rusting) resistant and 3x more scratch resistant than nickel chrome finishes.
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  RNGR987 - 5/1/15
I've played Taylor Mades and Been playing Ping's for the last 7 years. Always pricey! I built my own Maltbys and saved hundreds of $$$ and they are the best clubs I have ever owned. I will build my own clubs from here on out. Awesome irons
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