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Mizuno - MX-25


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The MX-25 iron delivers a massive sweet area along with a three dimensional “X” back cavity pad for maximum forgiveness on off-center hits and increased solid feel. No other iron can offer this game improvement technology while maintaining the solid, soft feel that comes only from a Mizuno Grain Flow Forged Iron.
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  meathead10 - 2/9/10
The best investment I ever made in golf clubs. Traded TM R7 CBG's for Mizuno MX25 2/08. I was a 15 handicap. Today, I am playing to an index of 5.5 or 6 Handicap since changing irons. BUY FORGED IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE!
  Smoothassilk1956 - 3/3/16
  Ron Rabillas - 7/9/15
  berniedorsey - 8/17/14
  fambrose - 5/4/14
  DemoBell - 2/22/14
  paynelee - 5/31/13
  PaulWaters - 4/10/13
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