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A steel body design with variable tungsten toe weighting positions the CG for higher launching long irons and more controlled, penetrating trajectories in the short irons. Its patent-pending Stabilizing Bar Technology varies in width throughout the set to optimize each individual iron's CG location. Machined face and grooves ensure consistent performance and precise control.
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  chill156 - 7/24/12
Short irons are long and the long irons are short... great ball flight
  Gord0n67 - 4/28/12
great club, not as long as the i15's i used to play. but such a good feel and trajectory.
  AgusRdgz - 1/17/11
By far the most forgiving modern blade design out there... Also longer than what you would expect. A must consider for anybody considering player's irons.
  brhugh - 3/8/17
  adowli - 5/26/16
  scolombo3 - 7/7/15
  maufdez - 4/20/15
  Racer29 - 12/28/14
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