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Tour Edge - Bazooka JMax Iron-Wood

Bazooka JMax Iron-Wood

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The Bazooka Iron-Wood's larger more forgiving club head makes it an ideal iron replacement. The over-sized top line and larger wood-like body inspire confidence on both short and long approach shots. With the Bazooka Iron-Wood, it has never been easier to hit higher longer shots that stop quickly on the green.
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  Danamite Hack - 4/22/10
2iron hybrid... maybe the single-best club i've ever put in my bag - - especially for the money.
  Grapeshine - 6/25/13
  Sweeting - 12/23/12
  EA0422 - 7/23/12
  Capt Dave - 11/18/11
  atbdad98 - 11/12/11
  Danny Longball - 8/1/11
  spike30 - 6/17/11
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Average Handicap: 17.9
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